Create Engaging TV Quality Facebook Lives That Convert Viewers Into Buyers.

Dear Entrepreneur,

My name is Mikey Formby and if you don’t know me I have been an internet marketer since 2011. I’m also a 6 figure per year affiliate marketer & mentor…

One thing I discovered early on in my career and one of my key takeaway’s is that getting on camera & connecting with your audience helps you build your authority and engagement faster!

What may surprise you is that I have a TINY list and a small Facebook group… in fact one of the smallest in the industry…

The short answer is Video Engagement – I’m an average joe who jumps on and I talk to people on camera. I put a face to my brand and this helps to connect with my audience.

When they see my videos they remember me and what I do. This lets me stand out from the crowd and also increases my engagement..

Now I know exactly what you’re thinking…

Now I’m no Brad Pitt, and I have a very strong Northern English Accent…

In fact, when I first started doing videos I had customers send me messages asking me if I was even English… I have been in the exact same position as many of you when it comes to getting on camera.

and I made tons of mistakes…

So when I started doing Facebook lives it was a nightmare and I literally made mistake after mistake.

After giving this much thought, I realized that If I wanted to eliminate the mistakes and stress that can be made doing Facebook Lives I needed to…

Combine the LIVE with a Pre-recorded video in my presentations.

When I put this to a test the results were astounding….

By being able to pre-record my presentation, and still have the power of being live and being able to say hello to viewers who were watching it gave me the best of both worlds.

It allowed me not only to engage my audience live, it also allowed me to ensure that my presentation ran perfectly the way I wanted it to.

It also allowed me to keep my live structured and make it more engaging than just having my face on the camera for 15 minutes…Because I could also show people what I was talking about.

This Totally eliminated the stress of me worrying about messing up my presentation when I was live because all I had to do was jump on say hello and then let the pre-recorded video do the rest.

I Created The 1st Ever Facebook Live Production Quality TV Show…

In Fact, My First Episode Generated Over 2,800 Views 93 Likes, 64 Shares And 201 Comments With No Website.

My Second Episode I Decided To Create A Website And This Generated 100 Email Subscribers.

Phillip Lopez

Tania Shipman

Tim Verdouw

Gareth Daine

News Flash…

This is why I created Facebook Live Mastery…because literally, anyone can start doing Facebook Lives to build their business with no website, no list, and totally free software!

I mean here is just some quick stats that show just what a MASSIVE IMPACT Facebook Lives are having…

Users Comment On Facebook Live Videos At 10x The Rate Of Regular Videos.

Daily Watch Time For Facebook Live Broadcasts Has Grown By More Than 4x.

Facebook Live Videos Are Watched 3x Longer Than Videos That Aren’t Live Anymore.

The ONLY, Facebook Live Training Course You Will Ever Need!

Discover: Exactly How To Overcome Camera Fear, Produce Engaging, Professional Quality Lives & How To Get Results In Your Business Without Making Rookie Mistakes Like Me.

Overcome Camera Fear!

I’ll share with you my strategy and tips for overcoming your fear of being in front of the the camera.

Make Any Live Look Pro!

Easily make your live broadcasts look professional. You’ll learn how to add your own logo, lower thirds, and how to add your own intros to your live broadcast quickly and easily.

Plan ANY Type of Live Broadcast…

Affiliate Promotions, Live Interviews, Q & As, Training and more. Regardless of the niche, I am going to show you exactly how to plan and structure your FB Lives to keep your viewers engaged.

Run Lives For Local Businesses!

The training I provide inside this course will also give you the skills to run professional quality Facebook Lives for local businesses. You can apply these skills to work in any niche you want, anywhere from “Make Money Online” to “Personal Training”, it’s entirely up to you.

Easy To Follow Videos, Checklists, Worksheets & Step By Step PDFs!

Now I know not everyone likes to learn by watching videos, that’s why I have also created step by step guides for each training lesson and have also included video transcripts, checklists, worksheets and more…

Learn To Completely Obliterate Your Competitors With Quality Of Your Lives!

A lot of people have realized just how powerful Facebook Live is for their business. Yet, all their doing is sitting in front of the camera talking and rambling on for 25 minutes, and they wonder why they are not getting results with their lives.

With my training in FBL Mastery I’m going to show you how you can completely blow them away, and make you, your product or service stand out and get results… With mix and match ways to present your live broadcast.

Run Pro Facebook Live Interviews

You’ve probably seen Live interviews on Facebook where two people are side by side and that’s how the entire live broadcast is run. In this course I’ll show you how to quickly and easily make your interviews far more engaging.

You’ll be able to quickly make your guest speaker go full screen while they’re talking, and then, back to your yourself while you’re talking, and then, back to side by side whenever you choose to. Just like you see on TV news channels.

How To Get Extra Visitors To Your Lives By Scheduling!

Just scheduling your future Live Broadcasts alone will get you tons more viewers. You can schedule a FB Live up to a week in advance. Scheduling allows viewers to subscribe and get notified prior to your live broadcast.

You’ll get more people viewing because your audience has had prior notice.

& A Whole Lot More…

Module 1

Getting Started:

‌ Lesson 1: Introduction To FBL Mastery

‌ Lesson 2: Eliminating Camera Fear

‌ Lesson 3: Planning Out Your FB Live Format

‌ Lesson 4: My FB Live Quick Tips

‌‌‌‌‌ Also Includes: Videos, Step By Step Guides, Transcripts & More!

Module 2

The Software:

‌ Lesson 1: Software – Free For Win, Mac & Linux

‌ Lesson 2: The Basics

‌ Lesson 3: The Settings

‌ Lesson 4: The Scenes 

‌ Lesson 5: Live Webcam Scene

‌ Lesson 6: Live Desktop Scene

‌ Lesson 7: Live Desktop Webcam Scene

‌ Lesson 8: Pre-Recorded Video Scene

‌ Lesson 9: Live PowerPoint Scene

‌ Lesson 10: Live Scrolling Browser Scene

‌ Lesson 11: Live Pro Interviews 

‌ Lesson 12: Live Green Screen

‌ Lesson 13: Live Lower Thirds

‌ Lesson 14: Software Quick Tips

‌‌‌‌‌ Also Includes: Videos, Step By Step Guides, Transcripts & More!

Module 3

Going Live:

‌ Lesson 1: Transitions

‌ Lesson 2: Hot Keys

‌ Lesson 3: Going Live

‌ Lesson 4: Scheduling Facebook Live

‌‌‌‌‌ Also Includes: Videos, Step By Step Guides, Transcripts & More!

My Done For You

Promotion Package

In this special module that I will release after the launch, I’m going to give you a ready to go promotion package with an outline, product walk through video & over the shoulder training on exactly how to use it!

So you can do a FB live to sell the Facebook Live Mastery Course. Helping you get on your way to making affiliate commissions and potentially earning back the cost of the course.

‌ Available After Official Public Launch End Of November

What better way to kick off our private mastermind group and help you to do you’re first live than a competition?

As a member, all you need to do is a quick FB live in the group telling us a bit about yourself and I will pick a winner live and PayPal them the prize money. Full details inside our exclusive member’s area….The competition will start at the end of November.

Quite Honestly…

Literally, anyone can get their live videos in front of an audience without spending money on ads, wasting time on SEO, and all without the need for a website or list.

You can use it to generate sales, grow your audience, build authority or even build your list. And with the FBL Mastery Training course you can forget about making rookie mistakes and jump straight into producing professional, custom branded Facebook Lives that convert.

From anywhere in the world…

I will not be asking a ridiculous price for course. When you jump inside it and realize this is the only course you will ever need, you’ll see it’s easily worth 10x the launch price.

Remember, I do this in my business, and have made all of the mistakes. I’ve put this training course together so you can bypass those mistakes, jump straight in, and start reaping the rewards of doing FB Live Broadcasts.

I want you to succeed, and I want you to get results.

After this launch, the price will be tripled. This is not false scarcity. This course is easily worth triple the current price. Anyone that knows me, knows that I always reward action takers.

Videos Only:

‌ The FBL Mastery Video Course

‌ 3 Powerful Modules

‌  Private Facebook Mastermind Group

Videos + Step By Step Guides

The FBL Mastery Video Course

3 Powerful Modules

  Live Time Course Updates

  Step By Step Guides

  Worksheets & Checklists


  Post Launch DFY Package

  Private Facebook Mastermind Group

FBLMastery Training Course

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will LOVE the FBL Mastery Course and the quality of the training inside it, that I am making sure that you have absolutely nothing to lose!

If at any stage in the next 30 days that after implementing my training you are not getting results (we’re sure you will!)…then simply shoot me a support ticket with the word “refund” in the subject line and I’ll quickly return 100% of your investment….

This is one opportunity you do not want to miss out on. I have been exactly where you are, and honestly, there has never been a bigger opportunity for you to succeed than there is right now with my course and FB Lives…

Literally, anyone can do this and get results Fast. Forget wasting your time doing SEO and hoping eventually in a few months your website might rank on the SERPS…

Forget about trying to drive traffic to a squeeze page…Or building a website.

Or even wasting money on FB Ads…

All you need is the FBL Mastery training course and you can quickly build up an audience and start getting results with literally one-tenth of the work.

Videos Only:

‌ The FBL Mastery Video Course

‌ 3 Powerful Modules

‌  Private Facebook Mastermind Group

Videos + Step By Step Guides

The FBL Mastery Video Course

3 Powerful Modules

  Live Time Course Updates

  Step By Step Guides

  Worksheets & Checklists


  Post Launch DFY Package

  Private Facebook Mastermind Group

FBLMastery Training Course

I look forward to seeing and connecting with you on the inside…

Mikey Formby

P.S If your still not convinced just how powerful FB Lives are ask yourself this…Have you watched a FB Live? Are there people you watch regularly? Are they supermodels or just like you and me?

P.P.S Remember when I close down this launch I will be giving everyone who picked this up a very special bonus module. This module is a done for you FB Live presentation so that you can use it to potentially earn back the cost of this course…

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